Many books sold on the market as 'Fire Alarm Log Books' are little more than a test record for regular tests.  This is not a log book, it is a test record, and this is particularly true of books where the fire alarm testing is part of a package of test records.

The Fire Alarm Log Book is a specific document and its role, and its contents, are defined in BS5839 Part 1: 2017, and it is necessary for premises' operators to conform to these requirements in order to meet their legal obligations.

BS5839-1: 2017 states that the Fire Alarm Log Book should contain certain essential information so that persons conducting regular testing and, in particular, engineers conducting periodic tests, have this information provided to them where they need it, i.e. in the log book.

This is essential for fire alarm engineers who cannot be expected to second-guess the original designer's intentions and who need to understand the basis upon which decisions were made at the time of the design.  It is particularly essential when areas have a change of use or where building works are carried out to maintain the effectiveness of the system's ability to detect a fire without increased susceptability to false or unwanted alarm events.

These include:

  • Designer's details and system specification by area.
  • Details of the maintenance company and their response time.
  • Areas with detection other than EN54-7 (Optical smoke) to be defined, fire risk and selected detection detailed, e.g. areas with heat detectors.
  • L2(LD2) areas (where present) to be identified together with their fire risk and selected protection.
  • Any variations made to the sensitivity of multi-sensors that takes them outside of the scope of EN54-7.
  • Cause and effects of input/output units or auxiliary relays.

Syam's fire alarm log book has sections to detail all the information required by BS5839-1 in easy to complete and understand forms.  These will be completed by the relevant parties for new installations or by your electrical contractor when carrying out a periodic test for existing systems.

Our FAB/16Z has some unique features too.  To start with there is a false alarm record that enables information to be recorded and detailed for assessment by the system's managers and servicing engineers.

The new 2017 edition also includes the fire drill record.  This has  a format to guide staff through good practise in their fire drills and for non-technical staff to analyse any failings in the drill procedure itself.

Syam's FAB/16Z is a professional document designed to assist end-users to meet their obligations for life safety systems in all types of premises both large and small.  It is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand and many thousands are currently in use by customers throughout the UK.

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SYAM Fire Alarm Log Book

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